Love watching Doodle Wars and want to host your own? Here’s everything you need to play a game inspired by the series! We guarantee it'll get your pencils moving.

How to play Doodle Wars at home

What you'll need:

  • Doodling supplies: Pretty much anything you can draw with. Pencils, pens, markers, crayons, chalk — you name it!
  • Doodling surface: Paper, notebook, chalkboard, or a whiteboard (just don’t go drawing on the walls).
  • Doodle Wars cards: Print and cut out our pre-made cards, or try try making some of your own.
  • Timer: Anything that can time a 60-second countdown.

Here's how to play

First thing’s first: You’re going to need a Doodle Master. Pick a judge for the first round of the game and don’t fight over the title too much. Everyone will get a turn!

Now stack up those cards into two separate piles — one for THING cards, one for DESCRIPTION cards. Your Doodle Master will grab one THING CARD and one DESCRIPTION card. Then, they’ll place the cards face down in front of them in that order (THING to the left, DESCRIPTION to the right).

As soon as you all have writing utensils at the ready, the Doodle Master will kick off the round by flipping the two cards over. Once they’ve presented the Doodling Challenge (those two cards combined), they’ll start a timer for 60 seconds. Let the Doodle War begin! All other players should sketch the Doodling Challenge.

When the timer dings, share your drawings with the group. The Doodle Master will pick their favorite, and if it was yours, you’ll earn a point (so don’t forget to doodle down the score). The player to the right of the Doodle Master then takes over as the judge.

Keep new rounds going until a player scores five points and gains the distinguished title of Official Doodle Champion.

Wild Doodle

Want to really blow the roof off? The Doodle Master can set a wild card! This can be absolutely anything that’s possible with the materials handy in the room. Check out these examples to get the ball rolling, then go ahead and get craaaazy with your own ideas.  

  • Doodle with your opposite hand
  • Give the THING a thought bubble
  • Only use one color
  • Add a rubber duck to the doodle
  • Doodle with your eyes closed
  • Pick up a second DESCRIPTION card and doodle all three